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sexual encounters

My freshman year of college I had a tutor for both US History and Government, but more so Government. He was young (20s) and studying in law school. He was also pretty good looking, especially with his dark hair and sharp, black glasses. God, his glasses were a fucking turn on.

He had been tutoring me for a few months, and we knew each other pretty well. We joked around a lot, talked in depth about politics, history, ethics, etc...he was incredibly intelligent and thoughtful, yet had a great sense of humor that was witty and sarcastic. By May, the end of the school year, it was almost time for him to stop tutoring me, and I hated the idea of it. So, I suggested for our last session that we have dinner at my house as friends instead of studying. My parents weren't home for the night, so I knew it would be perfect. I was highly attracted to him by this point, even though he had a girlfriend.

I made dinner before he came over, we studied, then ate. I looked fucking hot; hair straight and silky, makeup done to perfection, tight pencil skirt with a chiffon blouse tucked in, tights, and black pumps. And he looked hot too! Grey tailored pants, a white dress shirt, messy dark hair and glasses. We were talking quite in depth about life. I felt like there was almost electricity between us; like some sort of forbidden chemistry. At one point, while we were cleaning up the table, we were talking about relationships. I was talking about how awful my last one was because my boyfriend had hardly paid any attention to me. I had my back turned to him when I tentatively mentioned my ex had also been an asshole about sex. I heard no response from him so I turned round and there my tutor was, staring at me with this seriously lustful look I had only seen in movies. He stepped closer to me and said boldly, "Have you ever been truly made love to?" I felt my heart leap into my throat when I heard those words, since I knew what was finally coming. I shook my head because hey, I really hadn't. He stepped closer and we just looked at each other for a moment before he took my face in his hand and kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around his neck, his arms going around my waist and running up and down my back and onto my ass. His hands were everywhere and I was moaning into his mouth, it was unbelievable how long I had wanted this. He bit my bottom lip and pushed me against the fridge, and unbuttoned my blouse. I was running my hands over his shirt and starting to unbutton it as he pushed up my skirt and began rubbing my clit. It seriously felt like a fucking dream. I was in ecstasy.

After a few minutes he picked me up, said "I'm going to ravish you" and brought me to the living room couch where we usually study. We tumbled onto the couch together there, still kissing passionately and hands going everywhere. His shirt was fully unbuttoned by this point, but pants weren't off yet. He pushed up my skirt again and pulled down my panties, running his hands around my inner thighs teasingly while kissing me, until he moved down south. He then proceeded to eat me out, which no guy had ever done to me before. I was literally gyrating against his mouth, running my hands through his dark hair and throwing my head back gasping. I must have came about five or six times all at once; it felt like they just kept washing over me, as my body convulsed. I was still so fucking hot for him and pulled him up to me, kissing him and telling him I needed him in me, now. I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his fly and he pulled his pants down and started fucking me hard. At one point we started rolling off the couch and just fell onto the ground, and we laughed a bit but I quickly straddled him and began fucking him cowgirl style. We were both getting close when suddenly pulled me off him and stood up, and pulled me up too. I was confused/irritated but he picked me up and brought me to the table where we always have studied. He sat me on the table and said the hottest thing I've heard to date: "I want to make you come again, here." I of course had no objections. He fucked me even harder as he kissed and bit my neck while my hands were running up and down his chest and shoulders. I finally felt myself come again, even harder than when he had ate me out. It felt like fireworks going off in my body, and I couldn't control my screams. Yes, I was literally SCREAMING, something my ex had never gotten me to do. He came right after that. After he pulled out, my body had been rocked so hard that I just fell back onto the table in exhaustion, panting like crazy. He ran his hands up and down my body a few times before pulling me back up to kiss me. We got all of our clothes back on after that, and were both pretty much in shock. I could sense how tired he was so we didn't really say much and just smiled, said our goodbyes and he went home.

That was our last 'session' so I didn't see him all summer after that, though we corresponded in a few emails talking about what we had been up to. I longed for him all summer, I guess I was in love! We didn't hook up again for many months. Not until the next February, but that's a different story to tell. ;) I think what was most hot was the fact that he was my tutor and I was, technically, his student. So cliche, yet unbelievably hot.


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