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So tumblr says you’re my second top crush hahah! I love this blog so so much because it is so much more exciting and sexy to read about REAL sexual encounters than it is to see a hollywoodized romance movie or a “picture perfect” romance novel. 

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Submission from Clyde-

So me and this girl Ive been smashing for a couple of weeks doing our usual thing probably a 3am booty call I make my way there and she opens the door with a tshirt on so you already know now no need for the how you been what u been up to bullshit and we get the fucking :) boom I get the first nut we smoked a blunt round 2 so im banging her and all the sudden she bites me not a sexy bite but like mike tyson hannibale lecter type shit right on my peck. “Crazy bitch what the fuck is wrong with you”!!! (im still inside her btw) So I was pissed and turned on at the same time so I bit the bitch back doggy style on the back of her shoulder. she screamed went ape shit wanted to fight, real talk she threw her laptop at me. So I go to the bathroom to check the damage I hear on the phone talk to 911 saying that I bit her and Im crazy. And they were there in like 2mins WTF! Long story short the cops saw my bite and her bite that I gave her and just asked me to leave they said that this is just to weird and it really wasnt a domestic dispute “its just 2 fucking freaks that dont have a safety word” thats what cop said. But at the end of the day I ended up fucking her again a couple more times and that was it.

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Submission from Anonymous-

On our way to Paris on the plane, I gave my boyfriend a handjob.  Right on the seat under a blanket with people around us.  I wonder if they noticed.

Submission from Anonymous-

I was at the club, and not going to lie looking pretty good. It was packed and I was on the dance floor, when I found a cute guy. Swooshy hair, like I like it, and quite the body. We were throwing down a few shots and grinding, hard. After maybe an hour of dancing and our bodys colliding together he grabbed me by the hand, whispering all the dirty things he wanted to do to me in my ear.

We left the club, using the back door and he led me to his car. As soon as he shut the door, we couldn't keep our hands off eachother. He was taking control and kissing me hard as we tipped into the back seat. I was laying on my back (The seatbelt hook was grinding into my spine, but I didn't mind) he snuck his hand up my dress and pulled my panties down ever so slowly. He pulled them right over my heels and went back under my dress, rubbing my clit and pumping his fingers in and out of me. I was moaning, and not even trying to be quiet .

He fingered me untell my hips started quivering and I came, then I undid his pants and before I could even stroke his penis more then twice he was pulling me onto his lap. I put my hands on the top of the seats and pushed down, letting my pussy go all the way down on his hard, thick, cock. We did this for about 5 minutes before I came .

He layed me back down on my back and put my legs on his shoulders, thrusting into me hard. He was biting at my neck alittle and whispered against my skin " I want to make you cum, one more time" he devoured my pussy with his cock untell I started to shake, litterally letting out screams. I came one last time, and he pulled out pushing up my dress and let out a loud on my stomach.

We made out, and I got out of the car. We exchanged numbers, and I walked to my car leaving. For the next few months, he was an AMAZING lover.

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Submission from justinpoole-

Feather was the kind of girl that Id spent most my days dreaming of. However it was no secret around town that she preferred girls, so Id spent the last few weeks throwing down shots with her at the bar, whispering all the dirty things I wanted to do to her in her ear while we grinded against each other on the dance floor and trying everything I could think of to convince her to give me a chance to impress her between the sheets. She finally agreed to come home with me on a Wednesday night and I fully intended on putting on a show worthy of winning her over.

As we stumbled into my apartment I could tell I was in for a long night, I pulled the door shut and grabbed her by the wrists. She let out a quite yelp in surprise and I pushed her up against the door. I kissed her hard, biting her lower lip as I held her hands above her head. I pushed her face to the side and sunk my teeth into her neck. From the way she pressed against me I knew I was onto something, I kissed my way down to her collar bone and dug my teeth into her flesh, she moaned her excitement to me in my ear. I turned her around and pushed her up against the door, I entangled my fingers in her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her ear. She grinded her ass into my crotch and started to breath heavier. As my hard cock rubbed up against her I continued to kiss and bite her neck as my hands dug into her hip bones. I spun her back around to face me, kissed her on the lips and took her by the hand to lead her into the bedroom.

I pushed her into the bathroom and told her to get on her knees, she looked at me quizzically and I told her again. “Get down on your knees I have something for you.” She told me in the morning it wouldnt have happened if she hadnt been drinking but she listened. She looked up at me and I reached over and picked up a bottle of Jack off the dresser, I told her to open her mouth. She did and I poured the whiskey down her throat. It ran down her lips and chin and onto her chest. I bent down and licked it off of her. She moaned out as I took her nipple into my mouth and bit down. I pulled you back up to your feet with a handful of hair and slapped you in the face, you let out a shocked cry but I silenced you with a hard kiss. I pushed you towards the wall and pulled down your skirt. As my fingers entered you I took another shot of the whiskey and kissed you deeply. You moaned into my mouth and your hips bucked against my hand. You started undoing my pants and reached your hand into the fly. You wrapped your small fingers around my hard cock and began to pump it up and down. Before you could build up a rhythm I grabbed your hands and pulled them above your head. With my other hand I lifted you up by the ass. You wrapped your legs around my waist and I began thrusting into you. Each time my hard cock thrust up into your hot, wet, tight pussy you would scream out my name. I could feel your heart beating in your chest and mine was matching its pace.

I let go of your hands and and unwrapped your legs from around my waist. I turned you around so you were facing the wall and pushed you up against it. With one hand in your hair I began to thrust into you from behind. With every deep thrust I slapped your ass, you squealed in pleasure as my hand struck home over and over. I began to build up to a frantic pace, pushing deeper and deeper, thrusting harder and harder. Your ass began to redden and my hand began to tire. I pulled you down to the floor and you got on your hands and knees. I pushed deep inside of you and pulled out slowly, inch by inch, you screamed my name and reached back, your fingers feverishly working over your clit. As you began to shake and squirm I thrusted into you a final time, both of our bodies exploding with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through us.

Submission from justinpoole-

I had been lusting after her for months but had never had the chance to talk to her, she was a delicious, petite Asian girl with an ass too big for her body. Every time I saw her my eyes were drawn to that ass, I just couldnt help it, it stuck out on her petite body and commanded your attention. Her short dark red hair was cute in a way Id never thought short hair would be and her dark eyes had this alluring quality about them that I couldnt quite put my finger on.

When I saw her out on the dance floor at my favorite club I decided it was time to make my move. I ordered two gin and tonics and headed out onto the floor, I made eye contact with her and held her gaze as I walked towards her. I handed her the drink and leaned in towards her and whispered in her ear “We have a class together, I sit two rows behind you and Im in love with your body” She smiled at me and winked. We danced for about an hour without a word, our hips swaying back and forth, our bodies bumping into each others in time with the music. She took me by the hand and led me off the dance floor and towards a booth.

As we slid into the booth I called a waitress over and ordered us four shots and two more drinks. She leaned over and kissed me on the neck. I turned towards her and kissed her hard, the taste of alcohol on her lips was sweet and sticky. I felt her hand on my leg making its way towards my crotch, never had I imagined this would turn out this way. She seemed so quiet and shy in class and here she was coming on to me harder than any girl before. She slid under the table and began undoing my pants, I felt her take my hard cock into her warm wet mouth and start to bob up and down. I leaned back in the booth and looked down at her beautiful face looking up at me with a mouth full of my cock. I looked around and noticed a few people had saw her under the table. A few girls and guys were watching from the bar.

While I was distracted she climbed back into the booth next to me and whispered into my ear that she wasnt wearing any underwear. She climbed on top of me and straddled my lap. I ran my hands up and down her skinny, toned and smooth thighs. Before I could even react, I was inside of her. She threw her head back, and moaned out in pleasure. I couldnt believe the quiet little Asian girl Id been fantasizing about for weeks was riding my hard cock in the middle of a crowded club.

By now we’d drawn quite a crowd, a group of 20 or 30 people were standing around watching us and she bounced up and down on my dick. I squeezed her tits and kissed her neck, I grabbed her ass and lifted her tiny body up and down, slamming her down on my thick, pulsating cock. She shook and strained, her hands gripping the back of the booth over my head as she bounced her ass up and down. Almost as quickly as it had started it was over as she came all over my dick. After a few more hard thrusts she dismounted, leaned over my dick, wrapped her hand around it and pumped up and down until I shoot strand after stand of cum onto her face.

Submission from Anonymous-

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Submission from Anonymous-
Embarrassing Moments

My ex and i came home from work at the same time on e day (i was living with him and his family...we were young and lame lol, but it was awesome), and we were so steamed up for each other that we barely made it through the front door before we were all over each other. It was early afternoon, we knew his dad would be at work til later, his sister was away at college, and though his mom did not work, her car wasn't in the driveway so we figured she would be out for a while. We made our way to the T.V. room where we fell on the couch as he ripped my shirt off and I unbuttoned his shirt. We were going crazy and just about down to unbuttoning eachother's pants when we heard a car pull into the driveway. It was definitely his mom. In a panicked scramble, I couldn't find my shirt in time so I grabbed his and threw it on. By the time his mom walked into the house with her groceries, she was able to witness my ex running from the living room to his room shirtless, and me tailing him while struggling to button up his work shirt over my breasts. (He had already gotten my bra undone but thank god i still had them halfway on) His mom didn't seem to mind if she noticed, so without missing a beat, as soon as the bedroom door was closed behind us we went on with our business. We remembered to turn the television on, to drown out the noise. My ex as I remember was an excellent lover and I always had the most amazing back to back orgasms with him. He also really liked it rough and pounded me which i love so i really went crazy. Later that evening after spending the entire day holed up in his room in bed, we finally decided to step out in our pajamas to chain smoke some much needed cigarettes. On the way out the back door, his mom stood holding my shirt with a stern but smirky look on her face. she handed my shirt to my ex saying, "You guys could've turned the volume up on the TV, you know..."

Submission from littleblackbookoflies-deactivat-
Tips and Tricks

My husband and I started using toys recently, just to spice things up. Hold a vibrater on your clit while he fucks you. It will get you off, and he will love the sensation of going deep in you and feeling the vibartion.

Submission from Anonymous-
sexual encounters

So one summer, I met a guy where I work and he was a few years older than me. I was 17 and a rising senior in highschool, he was 20 and a rising senior in college. He was hot; tall, tan, great body, cute face, funny personality. He thought I looked older for my age, which was nice. We flirted a lot and hung out a bit before going on a date and such where we hooked up. I was a bit inexperienced, so he had to take the lead most of the time, but I think that made the whole thing even more alluring to him.

One day at work, we were sitting in a room alone together, with me reading and him on his computer. He wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing and was just thinking. I guess he must've been fantasizing because he then said to me "I'm getting turned on just thinking about you."...AS I sat right there lmao. So I was a bit surprised. He then suggested we go for a "walk" and I hesitantly agreed, knowing what it could lead to. We told the other employees we were going to walk around for a little bit outside. Well, we ended up going to his house of course, which was very close to where we work. We went to his room right away.

I jumped on the bed, still in my little work uniform, and he sat down next to me. We stared out the window for a few minutes and talked about people watching. I then proceeded to pretend I was leaning closer to the window to look outside, and got into the doggy style position (with my clothes on). Obviously, I did this just to turn him on. I had really little shorts on and tanned, toned legs that I know looked good. He was totally silent and when I leaned back, he was staring at me. He then leaned into me and we started making out and fell back onto the bed. He was rubbing his hands everywhere on me, kissing and biting my neck and lips. His hands quickly went up my shirt and unhooked my bra and he was kissing all around my chest. I had never made out with anyone quite as passionately, and was half bewildered, half really horny. I was so bewildered I couldn't help but moan, gasp and giggle as he touched me. He moved his hands down my shorts and rubbed my clit in circles while he kissed up and down my neck.

We made out for a while, just touching, kissing, fingering, rubbing, until I finally decided to give him head (my first time giving oral too). I was really nervous I would be bad at it but it wasn't as difficult as I thought. He was moaning the whole time and near the end of it holding my head and such. When he finally came I swallowed, mostly because I didn't want to actually taste his cum. As soon as I was done I flipped over onto my back next to him, and just stared at the ceiling. He kissed me up and down my chest again. We had been missing from work for like 2 hours, not to mention I missed my ride home so I could give him oral and keep making out.

We left after that, and I didn't really see him again after. It's a shame because he was hot and seemed like a pretty good guy. It felt so hot to be hooking up while we were supposed to be working, not to mention he was older so it was a bit forbidden. I think he was really turned on by my seemingly innocent persona since I had barely done anything sexual up until I met him, and that turned me on too.

Submission from Anonymous-
sexual encounters

My freshman year of college I had a tutor for both US History and Government, but more so Government. He was young (20s) and studying in law school. He was also pretty good looking, especially with his dark hair and sharp, black glasses. God, his glasses were a fucking turn on.

He had been tutoring me for a few months, and we knew each other pretty well. We joked around a lot, talked in depth about politics, history, ethics, etc...he was incredibly intelligent and thoughtful, yet had a great sense of humor that was witty and sarcastic. By May, the end of the school year, it was almost time for him to stop tutoring me, and I hated the idea of it. So, I suggested for our last session that we have dinner at my house as friends instead of studying. My parents weren't home for the night, so I knew it would be perfect. I was highly attracted to him by this point, even though he had a girlfriend.

I made dinner before he came over, we studied, then ate. I looked fucking hot; hair straight and silky, makeup done to perfection, tight pencil skirt with a chiffon blouse tucked in, tights, and black pumps. And he looked hot too! Grey tailored pants, a white dress shirt, messy dark hair and glasses. We were talking quite in depth about life. I felt like there was almost electricity between us; like some sort of forbidden chemistry. At one point, while we were cleaning up the table, we were talking about relationships. I was talking about how awful my last one was because my boyfriend had hardly paid any attention to me. I had my back turned to him when I tentatively mentioned my ex had also been an asshole about sex. I heard no response from him so I turned round and there my tutor was, staring at me with this seriously lustful look I had only seen in movies. He stepped closer to me and said boldly, "Have you ever been truly made love to?" I felt my heart leap into my throat when I heard those words, since I knew what was finally coming. I shook my head because hey, I really hadn't. He stepped closer and we just looked at each other for a moment before he took my face in his hand and kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around his neck, his arms going around my waist and running up and down my back and onto my ass. His hands were everywhere and I was moaning into his mouth, it was unbelievable how long I had wanted this. He bit my bottom lip and pushed me against the fridge, and unbuttoned my blouse. I was running my hands over his shirt and starting to unbutton it as he pushed up my skirt and began rubbing my clit. It seriously felt like a fucking dream. I was in ecstasy.

After a few minutes he picked me up, said "I'm going to ravish you" and brought me to the living room couch where we usually study. We tumbled onto the couch together there, still kissing passionately and hands going everywhere. His shirt was fully unbuttoned by this point, but pants weren't off yet. He pushed up my skirt again and pulled down my panties, running his hands around my inner thighs teasingly while kissing me, until he moved down south. He then proceeded to eat me out, which no guy had ever done to me before. I was literally gyrating against his mouth, running my hands through his dark hair and throwing my head back gasping. I must have came about five or six times all at once; it felt like they just kept washing over me, as my body convulsed. I was still so fucking hot for him and pulled him up to me, kissing him and telling him I needed him in me, now. I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his fly and he pulled his pants down and started fucking me hard. At one point we started rolling off the couch and just fell onto the ground, and we laughed a bit but I quickly straddled him and began fucking him cowgirl style. We were both getting close when suddenly pulled me off him and stood up, and pulled me up too. I was confused/irritated but he picked me up and brought me to the table where we always have studied. He sat me on the table and said the hottest thing I've heard to date: "I want to make you come again, here." I of course had no objections. He fucked me even harder as he kissed and bit my neck while my hands were running up and down his chest and shoulders. I finally felt myself come again, even harder than when he had ate me out. It felt like fireworks going off in my body, and I couldn't control my screams. Yes, I was literally SCREAMING, something my ex had never gotten me to do. He came right after that. After he pulled out, my body had been rocked so hard that I just fell back onto the table in exhaustion, panting like crazy. He ran his hands up and down my body a few times before pulling me back up to kiss me. We got all of our clothes back on after that, and were both pretty much in shock. I could sense how tired he was so we didn't really say much and just smiled, said our goodbyes and he went home.

That was our last 'session' so I didn't see him all summer after that, though we corresponded in a few emails talking about what we had been up to. I longed for him all summer, I guess I was in love! We didn't hook up again for many months. Not until the next February, but that's a different story to tell. ;) I think what was most hot was the fact that he was my tutor and I was, technically, his student. So cliche, yet unbelievably hot.

Submission from Anonymous-
sexual encounters

Lol, well I was with my best friend and we had sex in this Elementary school by my house. It was going good...and when it's starting to feeel amazing....a STUPID guy "walks in" on us. And he goes oh best friend pulls out and he starts dressing me up.... as I'm starting to dress myself up that creep stays there and I go "helloooooooo i'm dressing up" he still stays and asks me if I want to buy bud. Lol I was like wtf? but I had my happy ending later in my best friend's house. ;) haha


I do not condone the actions presented on this blog. I do, however, enjoy reading about them.

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