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Submission from belle-de-nuit-

hello darling, i don't mean to be obnoxious or anything, but i was wondering if you could take a look at this post of mine ----> <---- and contribute and/or reblog. i ask you because i assume (hopefully) most of your followers will be interested in participating, and it would really be a huge help. and of course, if you don't want to, i won't take it personally. just thought i'd ask.


Submission from Anonymous-
Sexual Encounters

Last night I got drunk for the first time while I was at a club. I was dancing and having a good time when I saw this guy that I had already seen once and acknowledged. I nod at him, and he grabs my hand and asks me my name, so I tell him. So then we're dancing, and I'm grinding with him, and the next thing I know he pulls me over to the wall, and we're dancing there. His hands were all over my legs, pulling up my skirt, lightly scratching my thighs. He put his lips near my neck and I could feel his breath on me as his hands wandered on my body. Then he started rubbing me exactly how I like it, and I nearly melted into a puddle on the floor, then he slid my thong aside and slipped a finger inside me. It only lasted for a minute or two because security came over, but it was definitely a good night.
The best part was the text I got from him today saying "the little faces you were makin when you got were sexy"

Submission from Anonymous-
Sexual Encounters

His eyes were dark and brooding, and everytime he looked at me, it sent shivers down my spine. I wanted him, and I was almost sure he wanted me back. It was the opening night of the school play, and as I walked into the auditorium, I saw him with a group of friends across the room. I went over to say hi, and we flirted, he made me want him even more. During the first part of the play, I sat in my seat, thinking about all the dirty things I'd do to him if he'd let me. During intermission, I saw him standing in the hall, alone, and I went over to him. I made a bold move and told him I was thinking about him the whole time. I was shocked when he did a half-smirk and said he was thinking about me too. He kind of winked at me and took my hand. We snuck downstairs, and he was leading the way. My heart was already pounding. It was almost pitch black, and I couldn't see where he was, but all of a sudden I felt his warm arms push me gently against the wall and felt him softly kiss my lips. I couldn't believe it was happening, it felt like a fantasy. Since I'd been thinking about him the whole time, I was already soaking wet and horny. I kissed him hard, swirling my tongue around his, and running my fingers through his hair. I'd got used to the dark by now, and he looked soo fucking hot. The way he looked at me, I could tell that he wanted me. Bad. I ran the tips of my fingers down his toned chest and hard abs, slowly making my way to the fly of his jeans. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, getting on my knees. I tried to tease him, by blowing hot air on his huge dick and making him squirm. I stroked his cock and pumped it up and down a few times before getting it in my mouth and sucking it. I felt ecstacy as he moaned and gripped my head, pushing it against his flesh. His hard cock went deeper into my mouth, and I sucked harder and faster. I reached my hands up under his shirt and groped his warm flesh. He moaned more, as he came in my mouth. I swallowed and my mouth gripped his dick hard as he moaned in pleasure. We made out more, and he made me orgasm by fingering me. When we were done, we stealthily made our way back to our seats. I looked at him, and his hair was so fucked up, he just looked extremely pleasured. I couldn't believe what had just happened as I sat in my chair, breathing heavily, watching the lights slowly go down, waiting for act 2 to start.

Submission from Anonymous-
Sexual EncountersFirst Time

Story #2 about me and my little redheaded girlfriend in high school:

Our first time having sex was on Saturday night. That Monday we showed up to school, first time seeing each other since losing our virginity to each other, full of love - and lust. She was wearing a button down shirt and plaid skirt that was just above her knees. The perfect Catholic schoolgirl look and she was sexy as hell. I had a thing for schoolgirl outfits, but she didn't know that, it just worked out that this is what she wore. We snuck a quick makeout session after lunch and after band in the instrument storage room, but only for a minute or two each time - but certainly long enough for me to get my hand up her skirt and rub her panties over her pussy enough to feel wetness on my fingertips through the fabric and her to squeeze my insanely hard cock in my shorts. After school I had to leave for a doctors appointment, but as soon as the bell rang we were back at the band room, in the back of the storage room, making out again in the back of the room, hidden by other rows of storage racks. People were coming in and out for a few moments while we continued making out, me feeling like I was about to explode in my pants. Soon it was quiet and most everyone had grabbed what they needed and were gone to the busses, but she and I were still in the back. I had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and pulled a cup down over one of her breasts and sucked her nipple and rubbed my hand against her panties until they were wet again. I whispered, "Please? We can be fast." At first she said no, but I begged and sucked her nipple harder and pressed my fingers harder into her wet crevice and she finally said, "Ok, but we have to be fast and quiet."

She sat down on a chair and pulled her skirt up to her waist. With her legs spread I could see her medium blue panties spead taught across her crotch, a darker wet spot the size of an egg in the middle where she was creaming herself that looked like she had peed herself a little. I unzipped my pants, pulled out my throbbing cock, and stood, half squatted between her widely spread legs and she pulled her wet panties to the side, revealing her bright red bush and swollen, puffy red, and glistening wet pussy. We again had no condom. I pressed my head against her lips and felt the wetness, her lips spread around the tip, and then I was sliding into her vagina, warm, wet walls gripping my cock all the way in without any resistance this time. It felt amazing. I paused briefly when I was fully inside, aware of the feel of her panties pulling against the side of the base of my cock, and we both moaned quietly. I began thrusting, hearing the squishing noise of her juices, feeling every nerve in my penis tingling with the wonderful sensation of pussy. I thrust quickly since she said I had to be quick. We both knew this wasn't about us enjoying sex, it was about me getting a quicky. In less than two minutes I felt the sensation in my cock and balls and said I was about to cum. A few more quick thrusts and I pulled out, grabbed my wet, and one quick stroke of my hand later began blasting ropes of cum onto her pussy, panties, and up the inside of her skirt until she gasped and pushed me back and the last half of my cum splattered loudly onto the floor as I stroked out the last drips of my orgasm. I kept saying I was sorry and she kept saying it was ok. She wiped off what she could with her fingers and let her panties go back into place. I promised to make it up to her later. Then I hurried outside to meet my ride, leaving her waiting inside in the bathroom trying to quickly rub cum stains off of her panties and the inside of her skirt so her mother wouldn't find them and suspect anything.

Submission from Anonymous-
Sexual Encounters

My boyfriend and I go to different colleges, and when I went to visit him for the weekend we made love multiple times, but one particular time was unbelievably amazing. After having a few drinks, we went up to his room to get ready for bed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, get dressed, etc, and he got into bed. After I came out, I crawled into bed near him, and we began kissing passionately. Since we hadn't made love in a long time, we were VERY into it. Hands started roaming, and he slid off my shorts and panties and began to touch me and make me moan. While his fingers inside of me, I grab his dick and begin to stroke it. I then take off his boxers and start giving him head, licking him up and down making him go crazy. he then pushes me off of him and gets on top of me, ready to have me. he rips off his shirt and rubs his dick on my clit, just to tease me. he then goes inside of me and I moan so loudly. he thrusts in and out and I can barely handle it. I push him off of me and I get on top of him. While I put him inside me, I rip off my shirt and bra and now we're both completely naked. I lean forward and our skin is pressed tightly against each other as I ride him so good. Then I pull him out of me and move up to where my pussy is in front of his face. He then begins to lick my clit and I let out tons of moans. I then go back down on him and he grabs my ass so tight and begins pounding away. I love the feeling of his grabbing me that hard while he goes in and out. then I get off and he turns me over and pulls me close to him, my back to his front. he slides his dick inside of me and begins pounding while we're pressed against each other. he holds me down by pressing my hands down and the feeling is overwhelming. he then pulls out and cums all over my back. greatttt love making.

Submission from ponderinganon-

The Cold Tile
So I go on and turn on the shower… Turning on the hot water all the way. So that It steams up the whole room. I then pull you into the bathroom and close the door behind us keeping the steam inside. I take of my shirt and and step out of my pants and slide out of my boxer briefs and help you out of your clothes. And i kick our clothes over by the door to keep the cold air out and the hot air in. The tiled wall now has condensation on it and I have a devilish grin as I pull you into me. Warming you up with my body letting my hands roam all over your body. Letting my fingers glide down your spine all the way down to the small of your back pulling your hips into mine pushing my now hard cock against your flesh. I then turn you around pressing my lips against your back. Giving you little kisses and licks as I make my way down your back. Getting down onto my knees as I massage my way up your legs, getting you all wet and ready. And I part your legs a bit so that I can give you once nice looooong slooow lick starting at your clit and working my way back. Tasting your juices and savoring every drop i get. God You taste so fucking good, and I want you so fucking bad. So I push you up against the cold tile and pin your hands above your head. pushing your breast against the cold tile sending shivers up and down your body while I warm your back with my body. So with one hand pinning your hands above you I slide my cock into your tight, wet, wanting pussy with my other hand making sure I slide it into you inch by inch. Filling you up and then slowly start moving my hips back and forth. Short slow strokes, progressively getting faster. But still short strokes… and then transition into long slow strokes. Almost pulling myself all the way out of your wet pussy and then plunging myself deep into you. And I whisper into your ear to keep your fucking hands against he wall as i slide my hand into your hair. Grabbing a handful or your hair, not pulling but holding firmly and my other hand that has been holding us up on the wall. Is now cold and I bring my fingers against your clit, Gently circling prodding, and rubbing your clit as I pull back on your hair and slam my cock into wanting you to cum on my cock. I hear you cry out which just makes me want to fuck you harder and faster. And I know your getting close, because your tensing up. So I pull on your hair a bit harder and bring my other hand away from your clit and spank your ass pushing you right over the edge and I feel your pussy orgasming around my cock. Pushing me over the edge causing me to shoot my cum deep into you. Coating the inside of your pussy as I pull your hips back into mine. And I keep myself inside of you as we both catch our breathes and you ask if the shower is ready so that we can clean ourselves off and get even dirtier in the shower and then try and clean ourselves right back up again.

Submission from Anonymous-

My high school sweat heart/first love and I had broken up and I was heart broken so I completely moved away from him to another city in another state. No less than 2 weeks later, he came to visit me so he could win me back. I knew we were never going to work out but I agreed to let him come see me so we could say good bye to each other.

I picked him up from the airport to take him to his hotel room. We weren't in the car for more than 2 seconds when he had his hands all over me. I told him to stop and started to drive, but he kept touching me and trying to slide his hand down my pants while I was driving. As much as I wanted him to stop because we had broken up, I didn't stop him. I wanted him.

After all the teasing and driving, we pulled up to his hotel and as soon as I parked, he kissed me really hard and told me to wait 15 minutes before following him to his hotel room. I waited and then went inside, up the elevator and knocked on his door, but it already slightly open so I walked in.

All of the lights were off except for a small lamp in the corner, so I was looking for him as I step in and he was standing behind the door and grabbed me as I walked in. He pressed me up against the back of the door and locked it as he kissed me. He was kissing and touching me in all of the ways that drove me crazy. I was so wet and quivering that I could barely keep myself up. He pushed me up against the wall and held me there as I wrapped my legs around him. He slid one hand down my pants and the other hand to pin both my arms against the wall. He slid his fingers into me and made me come several times until we slid down to our knees.

He picked me up after that and brought me over to the bed. We stood there for a few minutes kissing and tearing our clothes off. He laid me on the bed and went down on me, slowing down every time I came close to coming so he could tease me until I couldn't stand it any longer. I begged him to climb on top of me and when he finally pushed his cock into me, every part of my body shook with pleasure. He started off slow, biting and kissing me while pinning my hands down so I couldn't do anything but let him pleasure me.

He made me come about 3 more times before he finally came. He made me lie on my stomach while he gave me a massage. Then we took a shower, had sex in there and he went down on me again before we both fell asleep.

He kept doing this to me all weekend without letting me do much to him, he was always pinning me down and holding me back, which he knew drove me crazy. We never worked out as a couple, but he knew how to get me going and could make me scream in ecstasy.

Submission from Anonymous-

So this seems fake but it was real and SO HOT.
I am in high school and my boyfriend is in college, but we met at church camp and we are the “perfect christian couple blah blah blah”, little does everyone know how fucking horny we are. We held of on sex for a LONG time (I’m the person from the camping/tent story). Anyways, we were still virgins when we went on a road trip to drop my brother off at college about 4 hours away. My parents were in the front seats, my two older brothers in the middle seats and my boyfriend and I in the back bench seat. It was dark, so he lied down with his head in my lap and I started to rub his waist and legs which I knew was driving him crazy. I started to slip my fingers one by one under his waistband and slowly rub just to temp him, and he started to rub his hands up and down the inside of my thighs. I could see his erection through his pants so I rubbed his package on top of his jeans with one hand whole rubbing my fingers just under his waist band barely touching his head. He was squirming by now, so i reached in and gripped him, slowly pumping up and down. It was fucking hot watching him bite the fabric of my dress to keep from moaning. I grabbed his head and pushed it down on me. He started to lick my clit and breath hot air on me. I had to bite a pillow and grip him so hard to keep from screaming. It was so fucking hot because my family was litterally within a 5 foot radius from us and they still think we don’t even make out ;)

Submission from ponderinganon-

*sigh* I know your prolly still sleeping right now. But damn I would love to peel off your panties open up your legs and eat you out. Giving you nice wet licks getting you more and more wet. Trying my hardest not to wake you up. I would make sure i flick and massage your clit with my tongue watching your hips start to rise and fall trying to make it easier for me to lick you. Watching you barely open your eyes not knowing what is going on. And in one slow stroke i plunge my hard cock all the way inside of you and keep it there for a second throbbing deep inside of you as i feel your pussy hot tight wet pussy gripping onto my cock. And then i slowly start sliding thrusting my cock in and out of your pussy nice looong slow strokes watching and feeling your juices coat my cock until i feel your hands on my back gripping on tight. Lightly diggin your nails into my flesh as you feel me inside of you filling you up. And i see your eyes start to open and a grin on your face as you wrap your arms and legs around me. Pulling me deeper and closer into you. And still i fuck you with long hard strokes watching you move your hips with mine. Grinding yourself against me , feeling my flesh against yours and you sink your teeth into my skin. Tasting me, and turning me on at the sametime so i pick up the tempo as you find another place to sink your teeth into getting closer and closer to the spot. The spot where the shoulder meets the neck. And as soon as you start to bite down firmly my a surge of blood rushes to my cock making it throb deep inside of you. You can feel it grow a bit bigger as you leave teeth marks in my flesh. So i start fucking you faster now wanting to desperately cum deep inside of you. You have me so wound up your nails diggin into my skin leaving nice scratch marks and your legs wrapped around me making sure i dont pull out and your teeth sunken down onto my flesh. I can feel you smile as you hear my ragged breathing. My moaning out right into your ear as the first rope of cum coats the inside of your wet pussy. Thrusting my cock deep into you as possible, the second third and fourth ropes filling you up as my body goes stiff emptying myself into you and collapse on top of you and then roll to one side as you gently kiss my chest and run your fingers over my body. Watching me try and catch my breath as you say good morning with a huge grin on your face. And me just speechless trying to catch my breath too spent, and not trying to talk back but focus on getting back to normal. Hopefully your nice and wet after you read this. I came while typing this thinking about how i want to do this to you so bad. Hopefully it will get you aching for me as well. <3

Submission from bebe-bluff-

When I was a junior in high school, I was dating a boy who has a sister who is a lesbian. I happened to be dating him at a time where I was very curious about girls.

One day, her high school choir was at my school, and during one of my classes, I went to the bathroom. I walk in and who else is there, but my boyfriends sister.

Before I could even say anything, she grabs me and shoves me into a stall and locked the door. She pinned my arms against the wall, and we started kissing. I was wearing a dress that day, and her hands went right to work, grabbing my ass and stroking my pussy. She pulled my dress over my shoulders and started kissing my breasts, and biting my nipples.

We were only in there maybe five or seven minutes, but to this day I've never come so hard or fast. I still get dripping wet just thinking about it.

Booo yaaa!

Just recommended your blog cause its awweeesome!!

Thank you!

Submission from Anonymous-

My boyfriend and I had sex in his dorm 2 weeks ago, it was both of our first times. Of course, first time, so it was painful and not quite "sexy".
But, of course, after that we spent all week horny as hell just about going crazy waiting for the weekend when we could do it again. That Friday night we went camping with a group of friends and had a tent to ourselves. It was about 65 degrees all evening (I live in Texas, December is HOT), so it was the PERFECT oppertunity. For most newbs, apparently you aren't supposed to last long, but we lasted for about an hour! It was soooo hot. I now understand why everyone loves sex! After the event, we were lying in our tent freezing our butts off because a cold front had made it's way in, so we decided to sprint-butt naked in just tennis shoes-across the camping ground to the hot showers. It was a pretty wonderful night if you ask me!

Sorry for the lack of updates!

I’ve been in Rome since December 22nd and fully expected an internet connection.   The people who we rented the apartment from lied and we expect to get our money back for lack of connection.  Should be home and posting again on January 3rd.

Submission from Anonymous-

My wife and I were going through a rough patch and as a result we had not had sex in about 5 months. There was a woman at my work that always flirted with me, and I have to admit that I was at a place where I thought my marriage was over. So I invited this coworker out for lunch and we went to a hotel and had really great sex. That evening when I got home my wife was kind and attentive and she took me into the bedroom for sex right after we had dinner. I made up a story that I was late for work and did not shower that morning- so I went in and hosed off! We had good sex and are still married. I had sex a few more times with the lady from work but ended that when my wife and I worked things out.


I do not condone the actions presented on this blog. I do, however, enjoy reading about them.

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